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About Actor : Kate Romero

Kate Romero has been in the entertainment industry for nearly three decades. In front and behind the film making camera she has a broad and fully educated view of the creative process and has fostered many incredibly valuable relationships with producers, directors, casting agents, other managers, and PR agencies that trust her ability to focus positive energy and to succeed at most every project she undertakes.

During her ever expanding career, Romero has worked with or been associated with a virtual Who's Who of A list Hollywood talent. To this day, she is still most excited about being cast as a "pin up girl" by Bob Hope in a Bob Hope Special to celebrate the 90th Birthday of U.S. Army General Jimmy Doolittle and working with many Hollywood legends including Jimmy Stewart, George Burns, Johnny Carson, Phyllis Diller, Charlton Heston, Shirley Jones and Don Knotts among many others. Hope has been a personal hero to Romero since she was in grade school and working with he and his wife Dolores Hope was a major life milestone.

Romero began her journey in the entertainment industry as a working Actor for 15 years before a serious on-set injury caused a change in her career path. As a person who had continuously helped her friends acquire acting roles, a natural progression for her, was to become a Talent Manager. Romero created Guardian Angel Management which was to later become Stellar Angel Talent. Over the years, Romero has helped to launch hundreds of budding careers for actors who have gone on to do great things today. This has been her greatest joy.

Between her two companies, Romero was invited by Herb Tannen to join their theatrical department where she worked as a theatrical talent agent at the Beverly Hills Talent Agency Herb Tannen & Assoc. The Agency had flourished for 33 years and sadly closed due to the Commercial Strike which returned Romero again to her true love of Talent Management which she has continued to do for the past 15 + years.

In order to stay active producing and creating other opportunities, Romero keeps her small and select list of talent very busy. "We all deserve to have it all" says Romero.

Kate's Advice: Have a life outside of the Industry that lifts you and others up.

Name: Kate Romero

Known for: Married with Children