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About Actor : David Abbott

David "Tank" Abbott is mixed martial arts most controversial fighter. Born in 1965 in Huntingbeach, California, Abbott was a college wrestler who got interested in bare-knuckle fighting on the beaches of Southern California. The 6 feet 270 pound Abbott was undefeated in the art of Pit-Fighting. Pit-Fighting is a sport started by outlaw biker gangs in which a large pit is dug and two fighters jump in and brawl. This "sport" was depicted in the film, Stone Cold. Taking an undefeated record of 8-0, 8 knockouts into the Ultimate Fighting Championships in 1995, Abbott set the mixed martial arts world ablaze with his awesome one-punch knockout power. Over the next 8 years he scored impressive wins over a host of undefeated fighters; 300 pound John Matua KO 1(1995), 6ft.8inch. 300lbs. Paul "Polar Bear" Varlans KO 1(1995), 250 pound Steve Nelmark KO 1(1996), 220 pound Hugh Duarte who was 8-0 in 1 roound(1998). Abbott also beat two Martial Arts World Champions, undefeated UFC CHampion Steve Jennum by TKO in 1995 and GC Champion Cal Worsham in 1996. The Tank failed in his three bids to capture a world championship being defeated by Oleg Taktarov in 1995, Don Frye in 1996, and Maurice Smith in 1997. Abbott was a professional wrestler for about 4 years and scored a number of quick knockouts in special wrestling "shoot-matches". However, in 2003 he launched a highly publicized comeback in mixed martial arts which ended in stunning setbacks to Frank Mir, Kimo Leopoldo, and Wesley "Cabbage" Correira.

Name: David Abbott

Known for: UFC: Ultimate Brazil

BirthDay: 26, Apr ,1965