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About Actor : Andrea Baker

After graduating from Georgetown University, she ended up in Los Angeles, California.[2] Baker took a six-week "Acting for Commercials" course at Tepper Gallegos Casting, where she was introduced to her future agent, Steve Simon.[2] Taylor also studied scene study in class mentored by Bobby Shaw Chance. She was signed on by Arlene Thornton's voice-over agency and then started voice acting for commercials and television.[2]

Her first on-screen appearance was a small role on General Hospital in 1997.[2] After graduating from DW Brown's studio, she auditioned for a role in the 1998 feature film Pleasantville. Barbara Harris introduced Baker to Nancy Meyers, who hired Baker as an "inner voice" actress on What Women Want.[2] Baker has been working exclusively as a voice actress since 2003.[2]

Besides from film and television, Baker has appeared in several plays

Name: Andrea Baker

Known for: What Women Want