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About Actor : Ace Cruz

Ace Cruz was raised in the heart of Los Angeles, California. At the age of 13 he has always aspired to be in the film industry. He started his career as an actor after attending at the University of Southern California and graduated Bachelor of Fine Arts with the degree in theater. Ace Cruz has been in numerous stage plays at the beginning of his career and was discovered by Alfie Lorenzo, a well-known Philippine showbiz manager where he got a contract from Viva Films from 1992 to1996.

After 10 years of acting he decided he wanted to try filmmaking and went back to U.S.C. Film School for three years. He formed his company "Spirit Films". He believes in making movies that are commercial - with a positive message that can help people become better beings.

He directed and starred in his first film that he made with his own money, "Last Chance aka Gangstaz" co-starring with Todd Bridges (Different strokes) and Judy Ann Santos.

He met an investor who wanted to make a movie and that set him on the start of his next film, "Urban Task force" which he also directed and starred in with Sunshine Cruz. That lead him to meet another investor to make his 3rd film "Psychotic" which he directed and starred in with Sam Jones (Flash Gordon), Joe Estevez (Martin Sheen's brother), and Kathleen Kinmont (Renegades).

His biggest film to date his 4th film "Fate" which he co-stars with Lee Majors (Six million dollar man), Philip Michael Thomas (Miami Vice), and Michael Pare (Streets of Fire & Eddie and the Cruziers).

His 5th film "The Golem" which he stars with Christopher Atkins (Blue Lagoon) daughter Britney Bowman.

His 6th film "Outrage" which he stars with Michael Madsen, Natasha Lyonne, Michael Berryman.

Name: Ace Cruz

Known for: Outrage: Born in Terror