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Wajid's present day path materialized when he was attending junior school in the East End of London, England and was cast as the witch doctor in Gilbert and Sullivan's Paradise Island at the tender age of 10.

It was then onto the challenges of high school. Not one to leave quietly, he finished his studies by participating in an end of year parody of the staff and star athletes, leaving his headmaster and fellow students literally rolling on the floor, prompting his drama teacher to plead with him to enroll in acting school.

But not everyone agreed with the choice, he says, since acting and comedy was frowned upon by his hard working immigrant parents, who wanted him to pursue more economically viable goals.

Later on in life Wajid had the opportunity to move from London to Los Angeles. He says, it was not a moment too soon as he was beginning to lose his tan.

While not actually being discovered at Schwab's, the pivotal turning point in his acting career occurred when he realized that one of his customers, Sandra Merrill, was watching him intently while he was fixing her Apple computer at a Hollywood repair shop.

Wajid became visible on the comedy circuit in a routine at the Laugh Factory then went on to appear in roles on TV and Film. He feels his profession is more meaningful when being equally satisfied doing a student short film, performing live on stage or being directed on a large movie set.

Name: Wajid

Known for: Mad Men

The Five-Year E