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Used to be a limo driver, owned a nightclub in Vancouver, B.C. called "Planet X". Worked as a booking agent, lived in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Sydney, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Las Vegas, Key West, Miami, Las Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Windsor, Ottawa, London and West Germany.

Has received business marketing, merchandising certificates from the Ontario Ministry of Education in Toronto, Vancouver Community College, St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology and also received a screenwriters certificate from the Vancouver Film School in Vancouver, B.C.

Worked as a personal driver for various entertainment performers.

Wrote television and radio commercials as well as worked as a copy writer for the University of Windsor newspaper (The Lance).

Common-law married to Katherine McNeil. Collects and owns over 25 cars.

Had his nose broken 2 times, had surgery on his face due to a bar fight Oct 10, 2003. Has a Doberman/Labrador/Shepard dog named Apollo.

Name: Victor Formosa

Known for: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Through the Eye
He Loves Me
The A-Team