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Tony was born in the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin in 1963. He suffers from Dyslexia, but has not let this hold him back.

He came into acting late in life, and since his first performance role in Mystics in 2002, alongside two Irish greats, David Kelly and Milo O'Shea, he has many credits to his name, for acting, stunt-work, directing and producing.

Tony has written many short films which he plans to publish and produce later this year....."Winner Takes All" and "A Fistful of Dosh" to name but two.

Tony was a member of Screenwriters Inc. and worked on several films as a stunt co-coordinator as well as doing some stunt-work himself.

He was a former member of Irish Equity, but changed to British Equity, hence his stage name Tony Pacino, but he writes and produces under the name Tony Brown.

In short, there is nothing that Tony hasn't put his hand to. Ask him to do anything and if he can't do it, will find out how, and come back as if he is an old hand at it.

Name: Tony Brown

Known for: Batman Begins

Night Screams
Seeking a Frien