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With breakout roles in Let It Bleed (2016), Billy the Kidd: New Evidence (2015) and Troop Hood (2015), screen actor Tom Walsh is attracting attention from Hollywood and beyond. Born in Las Vegas and raised in rural Virginia, the 6'2" 170lb blue-eyed actor moved to Los Angeles in 2013 at the ripe old age of 18 to pursue his true calling: bringing voice, meaning and inspiration to the table of acting. Known for his ability to portray a wide range of well-rounded characters, Tom breathes a refreshing, magnetic life into every role he encounters. Whether heroic, mysterious, supporting or malicious, the common thread in Tom's work is originality in its truest form. Simply put, Tom Walsh embodies the spirit of the fabled Golden Age actor in Hollywood: young, bold and driven with purpose.

Name: Tom Walsh

Known for: Tonight at the Chateau