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Multi-Award winning Director, Steve Rahaman was born on the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago in October 1977. Upon moving to New York, he spent his early childhood years in Brooklyn, but now resides in Queens, NY. His love for film began at the early age of nine. He found his passion in writing short stories and entered his work into academic writing competitions, which in turn won him various scholastic awards.

In 2005 Steve's growing enthusiasm for film-making led him to the decision to purchase a video camera, which he still uses today for background work. That same year Steve wrote and directed in his first film, "Follower," a story about a man who loses his son and begins a hear voices which tell him his son is still alive. Although it has never been released to the public, this film fostered Steve's passion and allowed him to begin exploring different genres of film. Over the years, Steve has grown into a very promising player in the independent motion picture industry. He writes and directs his own feature films and serves as his own director of photography, cinematographer, photographer, music composer, music arranger, casting and film editor.

In May 2005, Steve co-founded his own film and music company, Rahaman Studios Limited LLC, Falling Leaves Productions LLP. He now heads a few subsidiary companies,Rahaman Studios Limited LLC (Production and Distribution), Falling Leaves Films (Production). As a writer, Steve sets out to mirror the adversities and triumphs we see in real life and has written such scripts as his current project, "Hands That Hold Us" and his recent award winning hit "To Be King". To Be King has gone on to win 8 Major awards, including best picture at the New York International Film Festival and the Metropolitan Film Festival. Steve has won the "Best Director" award at both festivals as well. "To Be King" has had the honor of screening in The Youth Training Centre (YTC) of Trinidad & Tobago. In addition to those award Steve has won the prized "Mario Puzo Screenwriting award from the Long Island Film Festival. "Blood Line," a recent release was featured on the Rick Leventhal Show on Fox News. He has won various awards in both New York and Los Angeles for his bloody mafia series "Blood Line" and praise from critics for "Queens Bound", a prequel to the award- winning film Christmas Day. He has earned the reputation of selling out screenings for every film he has released. In addition to his full length feature films, Steve has shot various short films such as "Ten Till Midnight," "Stained," "One Mistake," "Waiting Room" and "Stranger In The Park," which are available in his horror series package "Evil Deeds" and "Evil Deeds 2". He has also produced other films such as "Truth," and various stage shows for local performers in the New York City area. When he is not working on films, Steve dabbles in music. He directed music videos for artist such as Marcel "Law" Rudolph and Charles Fermer.

In 2012, Steve lent a supporting hand to his community by working with the founders of local groups to produce and direct a short documentary on the closing of a local landmark entitled "Racino : The end of an American dream." The documentary has gone on to screen at the Queens Museum and many other community fund raising events.

His film company also produces Conversation Corner, a show dedicated to taking viewers from behind the scenes to the big screen of all Rahaman Studios Limited and Falling Leaves Production films.

Name: Steve Rahaman

Known for: To Be King

BirthDay: 27, Oct ,1977