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Born in Indiana, Steve spent his early childhood years in a small town on the Ohio River. With his red hair and active imagination, he was sure he was Tom Sawyer, reincarnated. The son of a football coach, he moved around, quite a bit. His family roots are in the Midwest, but his heart is found in South Florida, where he now makes his home. Athletics and high achievement have always been distinguishing marks in Steve's life. He used his talents in the classroom and on the athletic field to attend Rice University, in Houston, Texas. While a sophomore, he spent a semester in New York City as an intern on Late Night With David Letterman. His duties included assisting Paul Shaffer and The World's Most Dangerous Band, and Madeleine Smithberg, who is best known for her later work in creating The Daily Show, for Comedy Central. A seemingly unfortunate series of events brought him reluctantly back home to Miami, where life took on fresh purpose. Steve's lifelong desire to be someone else, in one way or another, makes him a natural actor. His love for humanity makes him a natural motivator. He has taken on the challenge to inspire others to recognize their tremendous inherent value. He is an actor, a once and future boxer, the Executive Director of the non-profit corporation Team Respect, and chaplain for the football team at Florida International University.

Name: Steve Lantz

Known for: War Dogs