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An actor with a powerful physique, booming voice and who has played several "Native American" characters, Sonny Landham first broke into mainstream film with a bit part as a police officer in Walter Hill's gang film "The Warriors", then other minor roles in "Southern Comfort" & "Poltergeist", before Walter Hill cast him in his first decent role as James Remar's gun happy, criminal partner in the high voltage hit "48 Hrs.". Landham continued to turn up in high testosterone films of the mid 1980s including the action sci-fi film "Predator", alongside Sylvester Stallone in "Lock Up", and being hurled out a window by Carl Weathers in "Action Jackson". His career on screen wound down during the 1990s, but he still managed to crop up in several roles taking advantage of his strong physical presence.

Name: Sonny Landham

Known for: Predator

BirthDay: 11, Feb ,1941