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Long ago during the Eisenhower years Roy C. Peterson was born on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. His parents were antique dealers in North Falmouth. When he was seven years old they moved to Dover, Massachusetts, where he grew up attending good schools, including Suffolk University in Boston as a major in Psychology with minors in Sociology and Philosophy.

In 1977 Roy began a private program of sixty categories of study, and a year later started writing the first of sixteen books. In 1980 he became involved in major commercial and industrial real estate deals. At one point had more such property listed than any broker in the world. In 1993 he moved to Lake Wildwood, California and later to Henderson, Nevada.

In November 2003 Roy became interested in acting, and in March 2004 worked in his first feature film. In September 2005 he began studies at the Actors' Gym in Las Vegas, and the next year started a program of acting and film at CSN.

In April 2008 Roy designed a website "Roy C Peterson Movie Reviews" and in November served as a judge for the Las Vegas International Film Festival. In September 2009 he began writing feature length screenplays, and at present lives in Henderson, Nevada.

Name: Roy C. Peterson

Known for: The Hangover

The Hangover
Lay the Favorit