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As Director of Stunt Predators USA & SFX based out of Ohio, Richard Fike has been involved in the stunt world since 1986 when he choreographed his first action fight scenes for the NFL Cleveland Browns fantasy video "Masters of the Gridiron". Following a successful career within the U.S. Army Special Operations community, which included over 10 years as a civilian with the U.S. Department of Defense, Rick, as his friends call him, focused on teaching martial arts. While holding senior black belt ranks in Karate, Judo and Jujitsu, he teaches his style of martial arts known as Sanchi-Ryu Karate. As a recognized expert in close quarter combat, he also provides advanced close quarter training to "At Risk" organizations requiring a skill set beyond traditional self-defense. Students and clients attending his seminars include fortune 500 CEO's, law enforcement, Federal agencies and unconventional military organizations.

Known in the traditional martial arts world as a high energy seminar instructor, Rick is best known for his unique unconventional fighting/survival seminars. His "live environment" approach is based around the three elements of: close quarter hand to hand combat, tactical knife fighting and tactical cord fighting all of which he developed, refined and tested among the U.S. Military's most elite combat forces at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. His real world experiences have been translated into the fantasy world of Hollywood where he is often ask to provide realism and authenticity to many projects that he is involved with. Based upon his extensive military experiences, combined with his involvement with feature films, he is in demand as a Key Note speaker to organizations. While requested to provide traditional motivational talks, he especially enjoys focusing on the importance of small team building which leads to overall mission success.

When not on a movie set or speaking at a business convention, he can be found teaching at his dojo, The Madison Combined Martial Arts Association located in Madison, Ohio. Although self-defense is the primary objective in his training, he requires a strong emphasis on character development for his young students; particularly the importance of faith, respect, responsibility, discipline and love of country.

Rick is an avid "Star Wars" collector, enjoys shooting, playing drums and spending time with his family. He is very involved in community activities that support worthy causes, and is a devoted Christian family man.

Name: Richard Fike

Known for: Captain America: The Winter Soldier