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Who is Peter Murphy?

He has been called: the Literary Mystic. Sufi Sage. Seminal Artist. Legend.


Peter Murphy's initial foray into the music world was as songwriter and front man for the influential late-70's band Bauhaus, who helped define what became known as post-punk. Murphy's dramatic brooding beauty, electrifying performances, and unique, sonorous voice set the standard for an endless number of clones who followed in his wake. Bauhaus released a distinguished body of work in a brief career that managed to reflect an era that has now proved timeless.

After the breakup of Bauhaus, Peter Murphy jumped headfirst into his solo career and has never looked back, recording 10 solo albums and numerous EPs and collaborative efforts. His live performances are a heady mix of fiery theatrics, artful guile, pure rock and roll swagger, and a voice that is beautifully timeless and transcendent.

The last four years have seen the release of two new solo works--Ninth (Peter's ninth solo CD and "One of the strongest of his career" according to the LA Times), and LION, his most recent, critically acclaimed, best selling release--three sold out tours of North America, the UK/Europe, and Mexico/South America, and performances in Russia, China, Australia, and New Zealand. As Peter continues to record and tour the world, his fan base grows: 220,000+ fans on Facebook and growing by the thousands weekly.

In addition to many acclaimed music videos and full length concert films, Peter has appeared onscreen in several very memorable film projects, including the classic UK Maxell tape ads, the famed opening sequence of Tony Scott's horror classic "The Hunger", as "The Cold One" in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse", and as the narrator for the animated short feature "The Lady Paranorma".

Words about Peter Murphy from David J, Peter's Bauhaus bandmate:

When Murphy treads the boards, it is an act of possession. Peter Murphy is a self contained pantheon of gods. He exhibits qualities that are, in turn, Dionysian, Apollonian, and Mercurial. At times he walks in step with angels, though on occasion a darker path is traversed.

His voice is the type of voice that is seldom heard in these electric days, a throwback to the gaslit era and the glory days of the traditional actor/manager of Shakespearean line. The unamplified oration that boomed from beneath the velvet slouch brimmed hat of Sir Edmund Kean and his exalted ilk. It is a voice that demands attention and always, always gets it. It is a Voice.

The first time I ever saw Peter, I was immediately struck by his unselfconscious natural grace and charismatic charm.

"What do you think?'"asked a young Daniel Ash, referring to this nascent star.

"He's solid gold!" I replied, "solid gold!"

Name: Peter Murphy

Known for: The Butterfly Effect

BirthDay: 11, Jul ,1957