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Born in Overstrand, Norfolk, England. His mother and father were both in the Royal Navy during WWII. His father was an officer at the D-Day landings in Normandy, and after the war he was summoned to Buckingham Palace where he received the Distinguished Service Cross medal from King George VI in person. After graduating from the University of Salford in England with a Bachelors degree, Paul took a trip to California. He liked it so much that he stayed. He applied to be an officer in the U.S Marines and passed all the tests except for the one for his eyesight. Very disappointed, he moved on to other things, including acting. Because of his military look and hair style (high 'n' tight) he has been cast in many military roles as a background actor, most recently as a 4-star U.S. Air Force General in a Disney Production. He recently graduated with a Masters degree in Communication from Hawaii Pacific University and can now concentrate on gaining more acting work.

Name: Paul Edney

Known for: Spider-Man 3

Drag Me to&hell
The Soloist
My Sister's Kee
The Descendants