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Patty was born in Perkinsville, New York. At age 7 she moved with her family to Winter Park, Florida. Her family loved her and didn't treat her any differently from her brother or her sisters. Patty began her show business career as a featured dancer at Edith Royal's newly opened studio in Winter Park. During high school she spent a summer traveling with a carnival and, later, a year with the Ringling Brothers Circus. She soon became aware that she could lead a cosmopolitan life, and her family realized that Patty had become an adult. At her mother's insistence, Patty attended the University of Florida and became a keypunch operator. Patty returned to her home state of New York and worked for National Airlines, where she met her future husband: Joseph Vitek, a 4-foot-8-inch printer from Chicago. They exchanged letters and Patty traveled to Europe and Latin America; soon they were wed at the Actors' Chapel in New York. They moved back to Chicago and had a blissful but short marriage...Patty's sorrow was deep, as Joseph soon died, and she lost her premature baby at the same time. Patty's friends forced her to return to show business. She was most grateful for this, as the Krofft Brothers were producing a new TV show: "Far Out Space Nuts". She promptly accepted the role of Honk and moved to Los Angeles. Now, over 20 years later, Patty is still in demand for entertaining.

Name: Patty Maloney

Known for: The Addams Family

BirthDay: 17, Mar ,1936

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