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Mitchell Kummen was born in 1999 in one of Canada's coldest cities, Winnipeg, Manitoba, but no amount of frost could keep this energetic child still. From the moment the doctor announced to the Kummens that they had a baby boy, Mitchell took over the room.

By 8 years old Mitchell was a huge Jackie Chan fan and asked his mom how he could meet the star. Mom, focused on the potatoes that she was peeling, threw out the answer "you'd have to become an actor." Little did she know that this is exactly what her young son would head straight out to accomplish.

Mitchell's first role came almost immediately through one of the most difficult situations possible, an open casting call. Unaffected by the dozens of children trying out, Mitchell nailed the role of a paperboy in the TV situational comedy 'Less Than Kind'. For the first role of his career the young actor had to catch the star smoking marijuana and so the unusual life of a child actor began. In his second audition Mitchell landed the role of the younger version of Don Cherry, a part in which he was given the strap, another thing that he had never heard of. Then there were the long lingering kisses with Sabrina Carpenter in the feature film 'Horns' as the younger version of Daniel Radcliffe, the outdoor roller coaster ride in a shopping cart in his underwear, and so on ... Mitchell couldn't have ever imagined anything so grand when he first set out to meet Jackie Chan.

Mitchell has worked steadily for the past 8 years on every format possible, building a resume of a veteran actor at only 16. Everybody loves this kind, extremely talented teen; casting directors, producers and directors repeatedly request him for their projects.

When he isn't on set or doing his home schooling or involved in any number of classes honing his craft, Mitchell can likely be found working hard to support groups fighting to put an end to bullying and the stigma behind mental health issues.

Mitchell Kummen is, quite simply, a rarity.

Name: Mitchell Kummen

Known for: Horns

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