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Miles Arthur Carney was born in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Raised by mother Dale Carney(dyslexia training specialist)and father Donald Carney (Computer Security Consultant) he was home schooled from grade three to six having found school challenging. Those were some of the most important years of his life because he could catch his breath and find out what he wanted to do, not what everyone else was doing. He discovered dance and trained hard at it for many years, in grade seven he was brought back into the school system having caught up, it was there he discovered theatre, which his talent for dancing became very helpful. When high school came around he taught himself to sing well enough to get lead roles. Around this time his brother Nevill Carney had discovered an interest in camera and they filmed independent short films among them and their street friends. The street friends grew out of it, the Carney brothers never did, so his older brother Nevill went to study film in Toronto. After Highschool Miles then took workshops in New York, Ottawa, Toronto and Hollywood prepping him for the road to come. He made his first appearance in a movie called "The Stepson" in 2010.

Name: Miles Carney

Known for: Interrogation