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Matt Riedy appears opposite Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall in The Judge and will soon be featured opposite Cam Gigandet and Wes Bentley in the thriller, Broken Vows. He plays the judge in Frank vs. God which is enjoying high audience praise at festivals around the country. Riedy recently did a recurring Guest Star on General Hospital and on Scandal, guest starred on NCIS New Orleans and was featured in a two-part guest appearance on Modern Family. He continues to be one of Jimmy Kimmel's skit cadre on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Not bad for the busy actor who started his on camera career after many years as a successful stand-up comedian and disc jockey. Born in Buffalo, New York, he graduated from West Seneca East High School, where he kept a low profile until a successful senior English class presentation on the sport of golf convinced him that he could perform in front of people. As luck would have it, a family friend complemented him on the quality of his voice, which led him to the radio club at Erie Community College. After just six weeks, he was a disc jockey, a job he held for ten years in Buffalo, Miami, San Francisco and Seattle. He took up stand-up comedy on the side in 1983, he left radio and hit the road full time from 1986-1997 when he got back into radio til 2005. All told, he did stand-up for 23 years, while working in radio. Riedy always considered acting "an impenetrable bubble," but in 1998, while working in Seattle, he won a small part opposite actress Margaret Colin in the television movie, Hit and Run. He soon landed a starring role as Plastic Man in the independent film Carried Away, which played in the Seattle International Film Festival. He scored several national commercials and a starring role in another independent film, Lover's Lane. While doing a guest appearance on the TV show The Fugitive, he was advised by director James Frawley to move to LA, where he could blossom as a character actor. Frawley was right and Riedy has been a busy working actor ever since. His television series credits include: Scandal, NCIS New Orleans, Big Time Rush, Wilfred, Raising Hope, NCIS: Los Angeles, Revenge, Days of Our Lives, Community, GCB, Hart of Dixie, Awake, Mad Men, Southland, Sons of Anarchy, Mr. Sunshine, Justified, The Cape, True Blood, Desperate Housewives, Cold Case and Ugly Betty. His films credits include: Oliver Stone's Savages, Delta Farce, Money Fight, Loaner, A Green Story, Coffee Town, The Den and Fratitude.

Name: Matt Riedy

Known for: Scandal

Broken Vows
Blood in the&he