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Born and raised in Dundee, Scotland, the youngest of 4 children. Mark is very proud of his humble upbringing. His determination to break away from the drudgery and squalor of everyday life by having a long term vision to move upwards in life gave him the strength to overcoming obstacles, brick walls and glass ceilings.

Mark remembers when he was younger always thinking that one day he would be in America. So convinced was he that he would make it over at some point in his life that after graduating with an Engineering Degree he set about making the right moves to cross the Atlantic.

Now in his 40's he has life experience's beyond his wildest dreams. Traveling all over Europe, Africa and America for work gave him the pleasure of witnessing rich, poor, very poor, happy, sad, thin, fat, tall small people of all races and dominions. Mark can safely say he is blessed to be here today and is loving every day as it starts.

Lets take up the challenge with Mark to move forward and learn something new, be kind to people and treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. A simple task everyone can do.

S' Rioghal Mo Dhream. (Royal is my Race)

Name: Mark Docherty

Known for: Perverse Disorder

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