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Marilyn Burns was born on May 7, 1949 in Erie, Pennsylvania, and raised in Houston, Texas. She was one of the original scream queens, remembered primarily for her role in "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre". Her follow-up appearance was in Hooper's "Eaten Alive", where she played a vacationer who unwittingly stumbles upon a hotel run by a madman who feeds his guests to his pet alligator.

Marilyn earned her scream queen status by starring in other horror movies; "Kiss Daddy Goodbye" and "Future-Kill". She appeared in the television movie "Helter Skelter", and her role as Linda Kasabian, the Charles Manson follower whose testimony helped lead to the convictions of the cult leader and many of his followers, was worthy of viewing.

Marilyn had an uncredited cameo as a patient on a gurney in the sequel "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation".

Name: Marilyn Burns

Known for: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

BirthDay: 07, May ,1949

Texas Chainsaw