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President and founder of the Cinematographic Association of Panama, General Manager of Jaguar Films, Vice-President of FIPCA, producer and Director with over 25 years of career in the audiovisual media.

CEO of the Production Company Jaguar Films in Panama City founded in 1995. During the past 20 years he has become one of the leading production houses in the area, has infrastructure production and filming of latest technology HD Epic Dragon 6K, room for post-production HD 2K and 4K, and Da Vinci Color System, animation and Audio.

Three of these films in their development process were selected to the forums of Co-production of the festivals of Huelva, Guadalajara, Cartagena, The winning companion of the Egeda award at the San Sebastian film festival, The Colors of the Mountain winner in lots of festivals around the world including the prestigious Kutxa in San Sebastian film festival.

Name: Luis Pacheco

Known for: Escobar: Paradise Lost

Law Abiding Cit
The Bounty Hunt
Silver Linings