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Born January 1963 in Richmond Surrey, Birth name Ian Andrews Luing Mason. British actor Luing Andrews began his career as a stunt man and directly after training was offered his first feature 'Called Home', daring Luing not only acted in this exciting film but also performed his own stunts including a cliff fall and car crash!

After being offered a place at the prestigious LAMDA his love for acting grew and on graduation Luing was snapped up to work alongside Pauline Quirk and Graham Cole in the UK's high rating police drama 'The Bill'. In another fan favorite 'Silent Witness' Luing starred as Ash Williams alongside Amanda Burton. Soon he became a regular on British Television with prime-time shows like 'Whitechapel II', 'Wings of Love', 'Afterlife II', 'Footballers Wives' 'Green Grass', 'My Family' and 'Worst Christmas of My Life'. Luing enjoyed playing a gangster Lieutenant with Scott Maslen in the TV version of 'Lock Stock' and Raz in the UK's number one soap Eastenders alongside talented actor John Bardon. In one of his most heartfelt roles yet, Luing played biker with a heart Henry Swindell in the nations much loved hospital drama 'Casualty' starring with the main characters Josh and Charley.

Film soon came calling and Luing was offered the lead in 'The Heavy' as villain Thomas Black in 'Flugel DE liebe' (Wings of Love'). As well as 'Bronson', 'Football Factory', 'The Oxford Murders', 'The Pimp', 'The Tribe' and 'The Sculptress'.

Filmed 'The Royal Bodyguard' alongside the much-loved David Jason, playing a character who this time on the right side of the law PC Clive Roberts. Showing his comedic side in the upcoming British comedy 'Him and Her' Luing plays the feisty father Colin and in contrast to his usual bad boy roles, was the guardian angel and face of Motor Cycle News for 2010 - 2013 Luing is in pre-production with his own film '8ish' which he not only wrote but co-directs and plays Sean O'Shea one of the lead characters. Luing is also directing in the USA a short trailer advert for a well known real estate company.

Name: Luing Andrews

Known for: The Heavy