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Pretty, spunky, and talented blonde Linda Haynes was born on November 4, 1947 in Florida. Haynes made her film debut as Dr. Anne Barton in the silly Japanse sci-fi monster flick "Latitude Zero". Linda was excellent as brassy prostitute Meg in Jack Hill's terrifically trashy blaxploitation cult favorite "Coffy" and was likewise fine as small-time L.A. mobster Jason Miller's girlfriend Sarah in the downbeat crime drama "The Nickel Ride". Haynes gave her best, most gritty, and impressive performance to date as tough and world-weary barmaid and war hero groupie Linda Forchet, who befriends traumatized Vietnam veteran William Devane in the outstanding revenge thriller winner "Rolling Thunder". Linda had her sole starring role as country singer Rachel Foster in the sleazy women-in-prison exploitation outing "Human Experiments". Alas, following her appearances in both the prison drama "Brubaker" and the acclaimed made-for-TV feature "Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones", Haynes called it a day as an actress and went on to work as a legal assistant in a law firm in Florida.

Name: Linda Haynes

Known for: Rolling Thunder

BirthDay: 04, Nov ,1947