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Leslie McRay was born on her mother's 15th birthday. She was brought up living in and out of orphanages. Through a series of numerous step-fathers she was eventually brought to Hollywood, California. Having no self esteem, her mother put her in the local beauty contest and she became "Miss Fullerton". After that win photographers then sponsored her in many other contests in which she was often successful, including "Miss Los Angeles" in the "Miss Universe Contest", "Miss Hawaii in the "Miss World Pageant" and consequently won a trip around the world with "Miss Universe". She ended up in the Philippines and was asked to marry into the Marcos family. She did not but came back to Hollywood to pursue her modeling career. Through numerous billboards, "KIIS Radio", "Max Factor", "Palm Springs" and "Mazatlan Mexico" she became known as a model who could act. She then appeared in many TV series, commercials, and Motion pictures to include "Valley of The Dolls", Johnny Carson Show, Love American Style, etc.

By being seen on magazine covers she was courted by the Shaws and Sheiks and Hollywood rich n' famous. She wrote about her adventures through the book (in its 3rd edition), "Kept Women" and is currently writing the suspenseful script. Through writing her book she had a change of life style and found God. She is now a television and film producer who has produced the feature, "Hometown Legend" and currently is in production on "Day of Miracles" (which is about the miracle testimonies of the survivors of 9/11).

She is also the host and producer of "Starpower" (a celebrity driven show about things of the heart, such as their favorite charity, cause and advice to young people. Her most recent series is "Real Miracles" about true-life miracles that can't be explained by doctors!

Name: Leslie McRay

Known for: Girl in Gold Boots