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Laur Allen, named for her English grandmother, is half Caucasian (Jewish Dad) and half Chinese (Mom speaks Mandarin and Cantonese). She's sleek, sexy and a powerhouse of skills; including being a trained Kung Fu expert, Kick Boxer, Sniper (licensed with guns and weapons) On Camera Host and Action Hero. She also plays classical piano. A funny girl, think "Megan Fox meets Sarah Silverman in a Hapa package" -More Zap. Black Tiger Feature Film lead, Awarded at Comic Con 2014, Series Regular on New Media Series with the Fung Bros. who are blowing up in Asia, and currently in development for her own feature film with major industry players. More Zap Productions & Management is representing Laur with our New Faces division as actress and action heroine.

Name: Laur Allen

Known for: Moto Nostra: GR224