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born Martin Kimko Luckhurst in Japan to Korean mother Ai Hyun Kim and American father former Darby's Ranger Sargent Judson Baker Luckhurst. Fourth child out of five siblings, soon they divorced when he was aged 3 and brought up at age 7 by his stepmother Ottillie Weinholdt who married his dad in Warwick, Rhode Island then moved to Lake Wales, Florida last few years of high school. He hitchhiked the south eastern states in his teens, before hitch hiking across country to California at the age of 20. His father showed him some Japanese Jujutsu moves at an early age and Green Hornet's Kato (Bruce Lee) movies really inspired him, then in his teens got heavily into Taoism when the TV show Kung-Fu came out and that piqued his interest. Studying Kung-Fu and all other martial arts at the age of 14 was his love and still is to this day. He had the dream of being the kickboxing champion of the world when he had seen in 1975 on the wide world of sports network kickboxing greats Joe Lewis and Bill (Superfoot) Wallace fight. Holding a 1st degree black sash in Kung-Fu San Sui and some Judo coming to San Diego California later trained in Tang-Soo-Do, American Kenpo Karate and Judo. Living in the Dojang and Dojos (schools) teaching and cleaning them for the rent and fighting as an amateur boxer with a record of 23 wins and 2 losses in 1978-81 then turning pro boxer in 1982. He later became a world ranked kickboxer in 1986-90 retiring with a record of 14-2-1 rated 8th in the world. Always interested in acting thought he could follow his hero Bruce Lee's footsteps or better yet Chuck Norris, but realized it was not to be. But one day in 1992 on his Harley Davidson in San Diego, riding with his buddies with a few girlfriends in tow, one of them said they needed extras that had Harleys for a show called Renegade. He showed up and he happened to look like one of the actors and they asked him if he wanted to do stand-in double work and he did for a season, learning on the job, things they don't teach in school or classes he had often stated. He finally made the move to Los Angeles in 1994 landing a few minor roles then in 1995 TV shows like Super Dave Osborne Vegas Spectacular playing a kickboxer/stuntman challenging Super Dave for the best stunts. Always cast as a heavy but later on in years now playing dads and nice uncles in comedies. His love of westerns has got him into horses at a later age of 25, owning his first horse at age 28, now an expert horseman/wrangler worked on ranches for several years from San Diego Cuyamaca/Julian to Topanga Canyon/Santa Monica Mountains and all the way to Maui/Hawaii. He still rides his Harley and horses and is teaching martial arts when he is not acting.

Name: Kimko

Known for: Redbelt

BirthDay: 01, Apr ,1958