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When you grow up in America's most dangerous city, Flint, MI, a dream like this seems completely unobtainable and vaguely ludicrous. The external forces of drugs, violence, and poverty exude the power of influence, yet Kay's internal quest for absolute freedom through acting could not be ignored.

Kay was accepted into Harvard University's American Repertory Theater/Moscow Art Theatre School Institute in 2013. Her intense desire to achieve greatness and personal freedom pointed Kay to the theater. She has been given the opportunity to channel her once private emotions and experiences in a positive manner.

In 2004, Kay obtained a B.A. in Communications and a M.A. in Public Relations from Michigan State University, however it led Kay to sitting behind desks, observing human behavior versus standing on stages illuminating human behavior. It was not until she moved to New Orleans in 2010 that she discovered true happiness and the buried talent that was screaming for attention. The film industry started taking the city by storm after Hurricane Katrina, and Kay subconsciously wanted to know more about it.

Kay started as a featured background artist, yet she was handpicked by four Academy Award winners and nominees. Michael Jackson once said, "Study the great and become greater." Observing and learning from Quentin Tarantino, Gavin Hood, Richard LaGravenese and Lee Daniels caused Kay to take a much-needed inward look. Within one year, she arose from the background and became a principle player.

Name: Kay Smith

Known for: 2 Guns

Django Unchaine