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Kathy has been acting since she was a child as her mother was a stage actress as well as a pianist and an accompanist and her father was an actor and director and her older brother studied stage directing at the New York University. Kathy attended New York's Performing Arts High School, as well as being a senior at Professional Children's School. She started out as a dancer by the age of 11 and she appeared with the Bolshoi Ballet at the Metropolitan Opera House then she had won a regular role as Pam Kingsley in a popular daytime soap on ABC-TV while the 70s were nearing an end called "All My Children" (1970) as well as having bit roles in major movies. Then she starred in a TV afterschool special "Diary of a Teenage Shoplifter" and then while she was doing her daytime soap she was also co-starring in the cult classic horror film Sleepaway Camp (1983) playing the role of Meg which she also shared with her "All My Children" (1970) former regular and friend John E. Dunn and had to transfer from one studio to another at the time. After that film led her to appearing in another horror film with another Sleepaway Camp (1983) actor named Paul DeAngelo called Silent Madness (1984) by playing the role of Jane. She then became a regular in another daytime soap on CBS called "The Guiding Light" during the 80s for four years as well as starring in some afterschool specials, TV pilots and appearances in "Kate & Allie", "The Marshall Chronicles" and "NYPD Blue" including many stage shows in New York and Los Angeles, California. She then appeared in some independent films such as "3 Days of Rain" with Blythe Danner, Lyle Lovett and Harry Dean Stanton and Don Meredith which went to some film festivals and "Prisoners of Freedom" directed by Owen Shapiro. She also acted in 7 of the 12 episodes of "Dragnet" (2003). She is now married to someone who is a Bureau Chief Officer on the series "Inside Edition" (1988) and has a son and a daughter.

Name: Katherine Kamhi

Known for: All My Children

BirthDay: 15, Feb ,1964