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Kamil ventured upon the stage at the age of 6 and has loved performing ever since and being home-schooled the 1st 5 years of his life gave him the opportunity to be his own person. His home school which was ran by Jinoki Ahmed. She taught children about Black History and during certain monumental holidays such as the march in Selma, AL, reciting the principles of Kwanza, and the bus boycott were reenacted by the children. Ms. Ahmed would have the children perform a end of the year program, where the children showcased what they learned throughout the year.

Kamil auditioned for Youth Ensemble of Atlanta a professional theater company at the age of 8. YEA was the springboard for Kamil into world of entertainment and gave him the confidence to become a triple threat. YEA gave him the training it took to become comfortable with acting, singing and dancing. YEA also gave Kamil the opportunity to go out of the country and perform a 6 day tour in China.

A few of Kamil's theatre credits include Raisin in the Sun, Library Dragon, Holiday Urban Soup, Times, Jeremy and the Lie. His TV credits include "House of Payne", "Cartoon Network's - "Daily Wedgies"," Fried Dynamite" and his Film credits include, "Trammel", "Peacock Feathered Blue", "An Evening with Andrew Young". Kamil has a relentless passion for all aspects of the Arts, and he has been able to accomplish his dream to work with Tyler Perry and eventually he wants to have his own television show.

Name: Kamil McFadden

Known for: Rise of the Guardians