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Kai and his twin brother Bodhi are local Malibu boys who surf, skate and hang with their friends who began their acting career when they booked their first commercial audition, which happened to be a national Mc Donald's commercial. Bodhi and Kai are identical mirror twins, giving them a unique perspective on life. . The boys have been acting since the young age of three and have had roles in television, film, commercials and stage with Happy Feet, _"Zeke and Luther"(2009), Mc Donald's,Oscar Meyer, and several plays at The Malibu Stage Company. Most recently the pair shot the pilot for the much anticipated new show from Glee duo Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, _"American Horror Story"(2011)(TV). Kai plays the mysterious role of Bryan Rutger.

When they have the time Bodhi, the drummer, and Kai, the guitarist, get together with the other members of their band and play music gigs, including opening for the Malibu Chili Cook Off last year. If not playing music they are in the water with one of their two water polo league teams, training for competitions or as Jr. Lifeguards.

A little know fact about the boys is that their Grandfather is a legendary 70's comedy guru Chris Bearde, creator and writer and award winner for such shows as Sonny and Cher, Laugh In, The Gong Show,& The Elvis Presley 1968 Special. So there are definitely creative genes in these boys and acting comes naturally to them.

Name: Kai Schulz

Known for: American Horror Story