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Juan Vasquez was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He grew up in a rough neighborhood and in order to survive he had to do certain things. At a young age, Juan got into a lot of trouble, which continued into his young adult life. Juan reached an age that he thought he never would reach because of all the chaos he was in.

Juan decided he wanted to change his life to get out of the street lifestyle and improve himself as a person. He started working as a Emergency Medical Technician. He felt that since he had a second opportunity at life, he needed to give back. At the time, Juan was a single father and trying to raise and provide for his kids and he knew he needed to do more with life. Juan then began working as a nurse in a hospital in the emergency room. He wanted to give his kids a better life than he had so he moved out of Los Angeles to not allow his kids to grow up in the same environment that he was raised in.

While working in the emergency room, a patient mentioned to Juan about a casting company looking for gangster looking extras. Juan submitted his info to Suspect Entertainment and he has since been a part of the company. Because Juan grew up in a gritty environment, he feels he can portray a street character with true insight.

Juan recently got married to an amazing wife who supports Juan in every goal he sets. Juan is still employed as a nurse and is currently in class to acquire his bachelors degree in nursing.

Name: Juan Vasquez

Known for: Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones