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Jon Bailey is a professional entertainer. He is primarily a voiceover artist for several local, national, and international production companies. He is also the manager, comedy writer, storyboard artist, animator, editor, and producer for Strategic Animation.

He has voiced commercials for web, radio, TV, documentary narration, and TV/video game/movie trailers, as well as host of other projects since 2008. His projects include the Star Wars: The Clone Wars toy commercial campaign, several voices for the Clone Wars toys, characters in motion-comics and web animations, the voice of Texas Steakhouse and Middleburg Bank, and the movie trailer announcer for dozens of games, TV series, and movies. He aspires to create memorable characters in network animation one day.

Name: Jon Bailey

Known for: Honest Trailers

A Warm Wind
The Hangover
Angels and Demo
The Ugly Truth
American Pie Re