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Johann Urb was born in Tallinn, Estonia in 24 January 1977 into family of Tarmo and Maris. When Johann was ten he moved to Finland with his mother and her new husband. They lived in several small towns until they finally settled in Tampere. At the age of 17 Johann moved to his father in New York where he soon started a modeling career. In 2001 he landed into small part in movie "Zoolander". After that he did a role in short movie Fear of Feathers (2003) and appeared in one episode of "CSI: Miami". In 2004 he got a part in short-running TV-show "The Mountain". After that he appeared as a guest in several TV-shows and made smaller film roles. In 2008 Johann got his first biggest film role in much hated "The Hottie & the Nottie". In 2009 things seemed to go up when he made short but memorable appearance as sexy heroic pilot in Roland Emmerich's disaster epic "2012" and played journalist in fantasy TV-series "Eastwick" which brought him critical recognition. At the moment Johann has two romantic comedies in work.

Name: Johann Urb

Known for: 1408

BirthDay: 24, Jan ,1977

The Perfect Dau
Resident Evil