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Well-known and supported actor Joe Dorsey started acting in the early 70s, with "The Longest Yard". Though his acting career had just started, he got a great role which would also be his most remembered role as the greedy "Parks Supervisor Kittridge" in the 1976 box office hit "Grizzly". Dorsey got a great amount of profits with his second film. He then went on to supporting roles throughout the seventies in films like "The Lincoln Conspiracy", "Wise Blood" and "The Prize Fighter". His next remembered role was as "Coach Spinks" in "The Great Santini" and, by 1980, Dorsey was just getting better in "Hopscotch" and "WarGames". Dorsey occasionally took breaks from acting for golfing, going on a vacation and visiting family, until he was offered a role as a scientist in the science fiction box office smash with Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood in "Brainstorm". Dorsey was shocked when his new best friend (Wood) died during filming. "Brainstorm" and "Grizzly" were both Dorsey's greatest so far. He later did other films like "Real Genius", "Club Paradise", "Stewardess School", and the epic war drama "Bat*21". As the 90s rolled, Dorsey was in "Pet Sematary II" and appeared uncredited in "To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar". He then worked with his relative Alexander Dorsey in "Killing Midnight" as "Anthony Cambers". Dorsey also has other relatives in films like actress Sandra Dorsey and his other relatives owned a music industry in the 50s. Dorsey also does Broadway plays.

Name: Joe Dorsey

Known for: WarGames

BirthDay: 28, Oct ,2016

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