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Jarno "Jarppi" [Born: 11 August 1979 (age 32)] is a Finnish media personality and member of The Dudesons stuntgroup. In Finland, he also goes by the nickname "Jarno2", but is mostly known as Jarppi. Around 2001, he (along with childhood friends Jarno Laasala, Jukka Hilden and HP Parviainen) began filming "The Dudesons," originally seen on MoonTV. Shortly after that, The Dudesons began touring and performed a live show along with the band The Odorants. Jarppi is most commonly known as the 'Funny Fat Guy', known for poking fun at co-star Jukka Hilden's stupidity.

Jarppi's catchphrase is "two thumbs up" because he is missing the thumb on his right hand. The common explanation is that it was lost while Jarppi wrestled a polar bear. According to the movie he lost his thumb during a motorcycle stunt and in an interview during 2001 he said he lost it when using a power tool. The doctors tried to put it back on but failed. The preserved thumb can be seen in Season 3, Episode 7: "The return of Jarppi's thumb". Jarno has a son with his wife, singer Elina Karttunen.

Name: Jarno Leppälä

Known for: The Dudesons Movie