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Jack was a very artistic young man who was raised with a love and appreciation for the arts. By his senior year in high school despite having left home and struggling to support himself; he had won several awards for writing, took a top prize in a state wide art exhibition for sculpture, graduated, and was awarded a full scholarship to a state college. Instead of more school however, Jack moved on to and pursue his acting career but instead began working as a model for extra money. Over the next several years he appeared in countless regional plays and TV commercials near his home town of Philadelphia and traveled extensively. He signed with agents in New York and London; as well as Philadelphia, Boston, Dublin, Vienna, Munich, Los Angeles and Tokyo. While in Ireland Jack was a guest on Irish radio and appeared on Irish television as well as the BBC. He starred most noticeably in an edgy MTV styled TV commercial for the Irish national building society as a rugged and sexy day laborer which brought him much attention. He has been pictured on everything from denim jeans, bill boards, underwear packaging and scores of newspaper and magazine advertisements. He is most proud of being the cover model for the Irish trade board's campaign to broaden the appeal of products bearing the emblem "Made in Ireland". This catalogue was distributed throughout the European Union. Jack not being an Irish National was a closely guarded secret. Consequently, he was then hired to represent then British designer of the year Jon Rocha in a dramatic televised fashion show at Dromoland Castle in the west of Ireland. After all this though; his favorite memories of Ireland are of his girlfriend and carousing through Dublin's night life with friend and fellow actor/director (Patriot Games, Da) Karl Hayden whom he met the previous year while living in Los Angeles. After returning to the USA he filmed two more commercials in Philadelphia and headed back to Los Angeles where he was discovered by Tom Parziale of Visionary Entertainment/Management. Although they worked together for only a short time Jack is very thankful for Tom's professional guidance as he steered him to train further with celebrity acting teacher/director, Howard Fine and then with Weber Douglas Academy of Fine Arts alumnus and multi award winning director/producer, Michael Arabian who became his mentor and friend. For five years Jack studied with Michael and later assisted him on many stage productions and classes. Jack was nominated for a Dramalogue, and then an Ovation award for his performance in the critically acclaimed production of David Rabe's "Streamers" at the Hudson theatre in Los Angeles. He then went on to produce a series of original work at the Hudson and eventually became a founding member and strong voice on the creative board of directors of the Hudson theatre's resident company. By this time he had appeared on American TV in such programs as "The Young and the Restless", the WB's "Jack & Jill" and in films such as "Telling You" and other direct to video releases. Jack retired from pursuing work as an actor in 1999. Having been intrigued by Psychical research since childhood, Jack founded a company called Paranormal Media Services and began consulting on paranormally themed media projects starting in 2000. In recent years he has consulted for such films as the Haunting in Connecticut, Friday the Thirteenth, Push, and the hit TV show the Mentalist. In 2009 Jack was dubbed "world renowned" by the celebrity news web site PopEater.com. He earned this title because of his accurate predictions distributed globally by the Associated Press, his client work and his consultation on criminal and missing persons cases both domestically and out side of the United States. He is considered by many in young Hollywood to be the expert on psychic ability and paranormal research.

Name: Jack Rourke

Known for: Telling You

BirthDay: 16, Oct ,1969