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Heather Lynne Chase is the daughter of Ron and Janet Chase and is the mother of two children, Rebecca, her daughter, seven years Old, and Jamison (Jamie) her son whom is six years old. Heather is the owner and founder of the Arizona Models with Conscience, her own modeling Agency based in Tuscan, Arizona.

She authored "Beauty Without the Beasts", as well as an accomplished model and Genesis Awards Presenter. Models with Conscience "operates on the premise that models are irresistibly radiant when their conscience is clear-when they feel completely positive about the product they are presenting, the way they are presenting it, and the fact that no living creature was tortured or killed in the making of that product" - Beauty without the Beasts

After graduating high school in 1988 she started booking print work in NYC at Willamina Modeling Agency from 1988-1992

She is a contributing the author of the book "The Great Peacemakers".

Name: Heather Lynne Chase

Known for: Evil Unleashed

BirthDay: 18, Mar ,1973

Guardian of the
Romy and Michel