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Frank Patton is known for his work on 21 in (2008)with Kevin Spacey and Las Vegas (TV Series) in(2003)with James Caan and Ocean's Eleven in (2001) with George Clooney and Out To Sea in(1997) with Walter Matthau and Last Action Hero in(1993)with Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Munsters Today (TV Series) in (1989-1991)with John Schuck and The Equalizer (TV Series)in (1985-1988) with Edward Woodward and Death Wish 3 in(1985) with Charles Bronson and Miami Vice (TV Series) in (1985) with Don Johnson and Ghostbusters in (1984) with Bill Murray and Amityville II: The Possession in(1982) with Burt Young and Ragtime in(1981) with James Cagney.

Name: Frank Patton

Known for: Ghostbusters

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