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Eddie Perez born in New York, a city where you can stay indoors all day and watch the world pass you by, or get up and participate with all it has to offer. Eddie Perez chose the latter. An active kid, who spent his summers with family in Puerto Rico, Eddie achieved the honor of Eagle Scout at the age of thirteen. He continued his athleticism in high school where he played most sports and boxed in the golden gloves. While attending Long Island University in New York (where Eddie graduated with a degree in education, a minor in biology and athletic training accredited hours), he found work as a doorman at New York City hot spots such as Heartbreaks, The Fun House and The Underground, to name a few. Working these nightclubs, Eddie met many celebrities. He was known for being level headed, smart and in great physical shape. He was asked to leave New York by Mickey Rourke after finishing college and head to Los Angeles where he trained Mickey and Anthony Michael Hall. While training Hall, Eddie met the band Duran Duran, who was very much in their prime at the time. Eddie began working for the band as both their personal trainer and bodyguard. Eddie worked his way up to Head of Security and then was hired as the Head of Security for Pink Floyd as well. Between both acts, Eddie was able to go on seven plus world tours. His travels allowed him to train in Israel, South Africa, and the United States in VIP protection programs. Once he finished up the touring, and doing bodyguard work for a variety of stars such as Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock, Eddie decided he wanted to pursue his true passion. During his time off from work Eddie studied acting with Peter Flood, stunts with Paul Stater as well as any other classes available to help better his craft. As with everything else he attempted, Eddie's reputation preceded him and he began to find work as a stunt coordinator and stuntman. He has stunt coordinated & 2nd Unit Directed films such as: Blade & Shoot'em Up. On television he has stunt coordinated Shameless for 5 seasons. As a performer he can currently be seen in Sicario & DeadPool . Most recently he directed a multiple award winning short "The Test Of Time" which he sold to shorts TV.

Eddie's goal is to help put the scripted vision on film in the most practical and safe manner with out compromising creativity.

Name: Eddie Perez

Known for: Deadpool

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