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As waggish as he is talented, Eddie Allen has always enjoyed performing. As he explained in a 2012 interview, "It's probably because of my mom and her love of drama. She fled Baghdad, Iraq to be an actress. It was instilled in me from an early age, "act, play, and enjoy yourself." She'd also said, "You're born to die," but that's a whole other story.

Eddie is an only child born to Arsineh Kasparian and Paul Steven Allen aka Peltekian in Baltimore, MD. His father served with the British Army in WWI after fleeing Turkey and the Armenian genocide. Eddie Allen studied engineering at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and then found his way to Towson University, where he managed to channel his dramatic tendencies into a successful acting career.

"The Empty Space" by Peter Brook was a revelation for Eddie. "A Play is Play."

In his twenties, he toured with a Comedia Del'Arte Company and then as a Mime. Unfortunately, Woody Allen and Albert Brooks (no relation to Peter Brook) ruined the art of Mime - "You really have no idea what the world is missing without Mime," says Eddie. After landing in New York City he played a small part in "Manhattan," but wasn't able to query Mr. W. Allen about how Mr. E. Allen was affected by Mr. W. Allen's dissing Mime. However, he was able to challenge Albert Brooks during a shoot in California. But Mime still languishes. Alas.

In Los Angeles, his first agent, Dick Lovell, offered these words of wisdom, "Don't worry about being a WASP-type, because after a certain age everyone starts looking alike." Many television shows later, he realized he looked like everyone's brother-in-law from the Midwest. He acquired the nickname, The Chameleon or The Comedian or something like that. Eddie worked consistently in television while in Los Angeles. Upon moving to upstate New York in 2007 (for greener pastures for his then young children) he embraced theater (as an actor and director) and one of his great loves, coaching teens, young adults and professionals. Eddie has been seen in numerous productions in Hudson and Chatham, NY and in New York City. He co-starred with Bruce Dern in "Fight for Freedom." Eddie co-wrote and co-starred in "Finding Fathers" - produced to wonderful reception in 2011. Eddie is delighted to report the filming of "Finding Fathers" will begin summer 2016.

Name: Eddie Allen

Known for: Star Blazers

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