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Dwight Edward Ewell is an American actor. Dwight was born in the small southern town of Williamston, N.C. to teen-aged parents. His father fought in Vietnam and served six years in the United States Military while his mother took care of him and his younger sister. Unhappy in her marriage, at 21 years old Dwight's mother took the children up North where she felt that she could begin pursuing her career as a singer. The three moved several times before ending up in the rough Stella Wright Housing Projects on Prince St. Dwight and his sister attended the Louise A. Spencer Elementary School in Newark. In later years Dwight was enrolled in The Gifted and Talented Program in the same school. It was there that his interest in the Arts was nurtured. At the age of 9 he began writing plays that the teachers would allow him to direct and the students to perform. At the age of 13 Dwight auditioned for and was accepted into Arts High school in Newark, N.J. In 1986 he graduated and in the fall of that year attended The State University of New York's Theater Arts and Film Divisions' Acting Program for 4 years. Dwight attended University with such talented and well known actors as 'Parker Posey', 'Sherry Stringfield', 'Terry Serpico', 'Seth Gilliam', 'Laurence Mason', 'Reno Wilson', 'Adam Trese','Curtis Mcclarin', 'Orlagh Cassidy' and many other notable actors ('Stanley Tucci', 'Edie Falco', 'Wesley Snipes', 'Melissa Leo', 'William Burke' and 'Keith David') and directors (such as 'Hal Hartley', 'Nick Gomez') known to many in the entertainment business as "The Purchase Mafia". Dwight Ewell started acting professionally in independent films in New York in the 1990's and is best known for his performance as Hooper X in the film "Chasing Amy" which was directed by Kevin Smith. Dwight has worked with Kevin Smith 3 times on such films as; Chasing Amy, Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. He has worked with director Hal Hartley 2 times on the films; Amateur and Flirt. He has worked with director Daisy Von Scherler Mayer 2 times on the films; Party Girl and The Guru and has worked with film producer Christine Vachon 2 times on the films; Stonewall and Kiss Me, Guido. To date, Dwight Ewell has acted in more than 34 films.

Name: Dwight Ewell

Known for: Chasing Amy