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Born on the 12th of April, 1982, Dustin La Valley grew up in a large farmhouse in the center of Glens Falls, New York. He developed a fondness for the horror in life while living with numerous juvenile delinquents in the foster home his parents ran. He has two older sisters by birth, both teachers, and two older adopted brothers. His father was a prison guard at the maximum institution of Great Meadow and his mother was a nurse for the local hospital. Early on Dustin learned life was far from beautiful, suiting his surroundings. As most children his age watched G rated movies, he was watching Hellraiser, Return of The Living Dead and Tales From The Crypt. Illness tainted Dustin's childhood and teenage years bringing him close to death many times, establishing his fascination with the desperation of life. While recovering from a stomach illness he picked up his first novel, which he has stated was written by Clive Barker. Years later he began to write while bed ridden, much of his best work came from the experiences he lived through while ill and among society as seen through his eyes. Since undergoing a large operation removing his colon in his early twenties, Dustin has been much more healthy and has since wasted no time living: he is a writer of numerous academic awards and winner of the northeastern regional in tournament fighting. He frequents horror conventions. In book format he has written the forthcoming short horror story collection, Lowlife Underdogs and co-wrote the darkly humorous A Child's Guide to Death and its sequel forthcoming.

Name: Dustin LaValley

Known for: Human Wreckage

BirthDay: 12, Apr ,1982

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