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Actor, producer, writer, director Donald Victor Kress, the first born son of Victor Kress (A mechanical engineer) and Elia Moreschi (an executive Secretary), was born in Chicago, Illinois on September 02, 1946. Don was a well rounded child, having a variety of interests. His parents provided a very supportive atmosphere, where he and his brother and sister were raised to follow their dreams.

Growing up in Chicago, Don attended Hurley Elementary and Bogan High School, before attending Chicago City Junior College in 1965, where he received his Associate Degree in science, with a minor in Business in 1967. Don went on to attend Carthage College, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Social Science in 1970.

Following graduation in 1970, Don relocated to St. Louis, Missouri where he pursued a career in Business & Advertising. After working a few years in the Business/Advertising field, he decided to run his own advertising company, where he set up marketing programs for big name companies, such as, State Farm, Anheuser-Busch, The American Cancer Society & Enterprise Leasing, to name a few. While running his Advertising Company in 1976, Don was becoming more in tune with his creative side.

After the birth of his 4th child in 1988, Don moved back to his hometown of Chicago where he and his brother co-owned & operated their new restaurant Rico D's, while Don worked solely on the consulting part of his advertising business.

In 2006, Don's youngest daughter's interest in learning more about screen writing for films, led Don to do research on various film sets, where he was told by many that he had a great on camera presence, and should develop it. That is when Don became totally committed to honing his craft as an actor and started taking acting classes and auditioning as an actor/extra for various projects. One of the first to audition Don in 2008 was the Chicago Motion Picture Studios. This is where he learned the many aspects of acting, and later become an integral part of the Studio.

Later that year Don participated as a contestant on 'Who Wants To Be A TV Producer', where his videos, "Fitness With Fedora" and "Santa Is A Wiseguy" won first and second place.

To date, Don has appeared as an actor/extra in over 39 films, 22 television projects, and appeared in 8 commercials. He has also enjoyed working as an executive producer for Get Lucky Productions, and currently is helping produce a feature film and several TV pilots.

Don is a very creative, funny, and talented personality, who can act, produce, write and direct. He enjoys the art of improvisation, and his goal is to someday soon, be working on the screen as a leading actor.

Name: Don Kress

Known for: Dhoom:3

Public Enemies
Little Fockers
The Dilemma
The Rite
The Green Horne