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Originally from Waterville, Maine, Diana spent 3 years traveling and backpacking through Western Europe after graduating from a small Boston college with a degree in design. Her international adventures led her to live in London and Auckland, New Zealand before settling in Los Angeles.

Growing up in the rural northeast was often an inside sport due it its very long and very cold winters. There wasn't much to do so she found herself watching TV, especially "I Love Lucy" reruns (the episode where they took a California trip would later inspire her journey to LA) and countless old black & white movies.

Even though her early training led to work as an actor Diana's career path expanded into various other aspects of the entertainment industry. Her love of theater, film and TV brought her work in marketing, promotions, film development and design in a behind-the-scenes capacity. This only intensified her passion and expanded her reach.

After the passing of her mother, Diana decided to dive back in and pursue her original dream of performing. She hopes to inspire others, no matter what their profession or age, to find the courage within and explore their creative side.

Diana, who never lost her rural roots, is also passionate about hiking, golf and has been known to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

Name: Diana Hart

Known for: The Closer

BirthDay: 18, Jan ,1964