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Dee, better known as "Queenie", first used the stage name of "Queen Kong" while skating for 5 years with such roller derby teams the Chicago Hawks, the New York Bombers, the Detroit Devils and the Texas Outlaws.

Her acting career has been augmented by a short-lived stint as a rock star. The video to her hit single, "(I Eat) Raw Meat", was played often by Los Angeles sportscaster Fred Rogin for a number of years on KNBC-TV4.

She has appeared on numerous games shows such as "Win, Lose or Draw" and "The Gong Show" (where she was a co-host for 14 episodes).

She also made a living delivering very physical singing telegrams known as "Slam-A-Grams", where she would take down the victim, errr, guest of honor at a party in various professional wrestling moves, all designed to look extremely painful and brutal, but ultimately harmless. Due to various injuries over the years from wrestling and roller derby, she no longer performs "Slam-A-Grams" for health reasons.

Some of her greatest fans have been children. During her "Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling" (aka G.L.O.W.) days, her personal appearances were often mobbed by kids.

Despite her rough and gruff image, she is in real life a most sweet and gregarious person, treating her friends and fans alike with immense kindness and affection.

The "Matilda The Hun" moniker was given to her by G.L.O.W. producers. It wasn't until the show was over for a number of years she discovered they had taken the name directly from a character played by Roberta Collins in 1975's "Death Race 2000".

She presently resides in the Los Angeles area with her husband, Ken. Her website features many photos of herself throughout her career.

Name: Dee Booher

Known for: Spaceballs

BirthDay: 04, Nov ,1951

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Deathstalker II