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Dave Davies is the brother of Ray Davies, the lead singer and songwriter of the Kinks, of which he was the leader singer up to 1964, when Ray joined. Dave was the lead guitarist and backup singer for the Kinks. He created the distorted riff for "You Really Got Me" by taking a sharp object (either a razor or a knitting needle) and slashing the speaker cone of his Elpico amp, and driving it into a VOX AC30. He continued to use this sound for much of their early material (notably on "All Day and All of the Night" and "Till the End of the Day"). Compared to his brother, Dave lived a rather lavish lifestyle. He would spend a lot of money on fancy outfits on Carnaby Streets, and top of the line guitars, such as his Gibson Flying V. It is clear that Ray wrote songs like "Dedicated Follower of Fashion", "Dandy", and maybe even "Starstruck" with him in mind. He had his share of feuds with Ray, and other band members often found it hard to get along with him, particularly the drummer, Mick Avory. Nevertheless, he was a brilliant musician, and a decent songwriter. He had a solo single with "Death of a Clown" in 1967, and contributed other songs such as "Strangers", "Rats", "Living on a Thin Line", "Wait Til the Summer Comes Along", "Mindless Child of Motherhood", and "This Man He Weeps Tonight". The latter few were influenced by a high school relationship which ended in an unwanted pregnancy, something that deeply haunted Davies. Today he continues to tour on his own. Unfortunately, he is not on good terms with his brother, Ray, and both have dismissed the possibility of a Kinks reunion.

Name: Dave Davies

Known for: Ready, Steady, Go!

BirthDay: 03, Feb ,1947

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