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Danny Lima started acting at 5 years old. For more than 11 years, she has been playing countless leads for Disney Channel Brasil, including some top rated shows like "Disney Cruj" (SBT Disney Channel/1999-2002).

Danny also worked with some of top TV Directors of Brasil and the most popular young adults series like "Metamorphoses" (Rede Record),"Vila Maluca" (Rede TV ), "Marcas da Vida" (Rede Record).

Danny got her first stage lead at 6, playing Cinderella in Sao Paulo, followed by a dozen of major plays.

She also acted in countless prints and commercials between 1994 to 2012. Followers could also recognize her voice in many animation characters of Brasil TV.

In 2013, Danny moved to the United States, to pursue an International Actress career. Since then, she was already cast for the lead role in cutting edge horror short "Sabina", that would bring her her first nomination and award win in USA. The Thriller "A Little Panic, A Little Fear" (2014) also brought her second nomination and award win.

In 2015, Danny participated the 48hours festival in the short movie "Club Omicron", Filmgate best film award and also played a deadly vampire in "Miss Amalia".

Nowadays, Danny is working in the movies, "Beyond Zero" and "Weddings and Funerals", both in production phase.

She is also cast to act in her first US feature, drama packed "Killer Eyes", directed by Lauran Childs.

Danny currently lives in Miami, Florida and has made the USA her home where she is furthering her education and working hard to expand her international acting career. Danny also continues her job as a dubbing voice for Portuguese Languages TV.

Name: Danny Lima

Known for: Sabina

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