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A major creative force in entertainment industry for over thirty years, Daniel Flannery has conceived, designed and directed award-winning visual, aural, theatrical and media productions around the world. Celebrated as a scenographer for his visionary ability to translate words and music into compelling, iconic visual images, his involvement begins with a project's initial creative conceptualization and extends through its completion. A Daniel Flannery production exemplifies an authentic cohesive vision deeply integrated into concept, design, and direction, creating an immersive, emotional and transformational experience for the audience.

As the Director of Photography for the popular television series, 'Roseanne', Flannery revolutionized sitcom lighting design and was awarded four Emmy nominations.

Born and raised in New York, Flannery is a graduate of the designers program at Lester Polakov's Studio and Forum of Stage Design. He also studied directing at HB Studio and filmmaking at Columbia University.

In the 1970s Flannery designed the lighting for many productions on and off-Broadway, including original plays presented by the Chelsea Theatre Company. After relocating to Los Angeles the challenges Flannery faced were to transition from the cultural opportunities to more popular entertainment such as the 'Sonny and Cher Concert' tours and a special project for the king, 'Elvis Forever', a stage production show in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

For feature films, Flannery served as theatrical lighting designer to Bob Zemeckis and Peter Bogdanovich on several projects including 'Forrest Gump', 'Death Becomes Her' and 'Noises Off'.

In 1977, Flannery conceived, designed and directed the 'Original Star Wars Concert', a spectacular "Visual Symphony" at the Hollywood Bowl. This was the first event of its kind, creating a genre of entertainment that continues today. He conceived, directed and produced with Erich Kunzel 'Symphantasy I' and 'Symphantasy II', a nationally televised extravaganza with the Cincinnati Pops and a host of national celebrities, including George Clooney and Kelsey Grammer.

For Universal Studios Flannery served as conceptualist, scenographer and lighting designer on many attractions including 'E.T.', 'Back to the Future', 'King Kong' and 'Conan'. He was also the principal lighting designer for the entire architectural and site-scape of both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. And Flannery served as scenographic consultant to Disney's Imagineering for 'American Adventure' and 'Kitchen Kabaret' at E.P.C.O.T.

In event entertainment, Flannery worked directly with David Wolper to conceive and direct the 'Closing Ceremonies of the Los Angeles 1984 Summer Olympics'. He was also the creative vision behind the 'Super Bowl XX' half-time show at the New Orleans Superdome, and 'Mardi Gras in the Superdome'.

A pioneer in the creation of water based attractions, Flannery created 'Water Fantasium' for the Dairinkai Pavilion at the Osaka 1990 World's Fair, which was voted the Fair's leading attraction. Flannery was a designer on 'Aquacade', the most popular attraction at the New Orleans World's Fair in 1984 where he also served as design consultant to the site architects.

For the 1993 World's Fair in Taejon, Korea, Flannery created and produced the popular 'Fantastic Odyssey', which became a permanent attraction and after 15 years continues to run daily at Lotte World in Seoul. In 1995, Daniel Flannery created a show for Geopolis at the Tokyo Dome, 'Cosmic Symphony' and which continued to run for 12 years. He also served as producer and designer to two-time Oscar Winner John Truscott, the Artistic Director of the Brisbane Austrailia 1988 World Expo. In 2005 he teamed up with another Oscar Winner, Production Designer Eugenio Zanetti to create 'Movistar Magica', an outdoor theatrical spectacle with a cast of over 500 and a stage larger than two football fields. This popular show toured Colombia South America and attracted enormous crowds to the parks and stadiums.

His production 'Illusions' is performed nightly at the Grand Theatre in Chang Zhou China. With a cast over 80, this show incorporates the largest installation of 3D LED screens creating virtual scengraphy created in CGI and integrated with grand opera scaled scenery. Another of Flannery's shows, 'Elements', ran for five years at the Huaxia Cultural Arts Theatre in Shenzhen China.

Presently Flannery and his partners at R&S Production Services and Micoy Entertainment are creating 3D stereoscopic films for dome theaters. Their first film, 'Living Waters', premieres at the new Qatar Awareness Centre in spring 2014.

Committed to the importance of education and professional mentor-ship, Flannery has lectured and taught classes at (USC) University of Southern California, (UCLA) University of California Los Angeles, Art Center College of Design and State University of New York. Today Mr. Flannery is a Professor in Theater & Dance at the (UCSB) University of California Santa Barbara. He has been a member of countless guilds, unions and trade organizations. He serves on the Executive Committee of the Motion Picture and Television Fund for the Golden Boot Awards, honoring those in entertainment who have made significant contributions to the genre of the Western.

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