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Dalias Blake is an accomplished actor/musical artist from Canada. He is best known for his roles in Donovan's Echo (starring Danny Glover), Captive (starring Eric Breker), and Godzilla (starring Bryan Cranston).

Born in Jamaica and raised in the West Indies, Dalias grew up in a third world environment which shaped him into the person he is today. Dalias would best be described as a person with a down-to-earth personality and an outlook on life based on realism rather than materialism. To him, success is achieved through hard work and thinking intelligently.

Being a person of ambition, resourcefulness, and discipline, Dalias greatly enjoys the demands of the film industry. He continues to pursue acting with the same drive and motivation he had when he first began.

To Dalias, "Music has no boundaries or limits. It can deliver messages to people and reach places within us that words alone cannot". His awareness of the power of music began at an early age, leading him to song writing and eventually performing. With the ability to see music in anything and everything, Dalias proves to be a talented musical artist and an unstoppable force.

Dalias has a great propensity for fun and creativity which has been a driving factor in his life, pushing him to remain in both industries for almost 20 years. Both film and music have given him the variety he craves in life, all whilst making him adaptable and attentive to detail.

Name: Dalias Blake

Known for: Elysium

Red Riding Hood